Artificial Grass Adhesive 8kg
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Brand V-Tech
Size (L x W x H) 30 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm
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  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Green in color
  • Low odor and low VOC
  • Notched trowel ridges hold firm
  • Can be applied onto damp substrate (75 – 90 % RH)
  • Fast initial grab and curing time
  • Non-flammable, non-hazardous

Packing: 8kg
Colour: Green
Coverage: Use as requirement

A one-component, MS Polymer adhesive for bonding artificial grass/synthetic turf on various subfloor substrates or joint strips. It is a green product, meeting SCAQMD VOC limit and is recommended for green buildings. It does not contain any solvents (will not damage bonded substrates), water (no glueline shrinkage), or isocyanates (non-hazardous). It is specially formulated to have good UV resistance and water-resistant bonding for outdoor application.

1. Do not apply over any acrylic primer or sealer.
2. Do not thin down the adhesive with solvent.
3. Do not use on oily timber.
4. Temporarily resistant to fuel, animal fats and oils.
5. Not resistant to organic acids and concentrated caustic solution.

How to use:
1. The artificial grass backing must be free of oil, dirt, or other loose or flaking surface contaminants.
2. Subfloor must be solid, structurally sound, level, smooth, and thoroughly cleaned.

Packs in pail:
1. Spread adhesive with the recommended notched trowel leaving ridges of sufficient height.
2. After troweled, ensure maximum transfer of adhesive to the back of floor coverings is established.
3. If the artificial grass is installed with jointing strips, spread the adhesive evenly along the entire surface of the jointing strips.
4. Only apply enough adhesive to work within working/open time (30 minutes). Lay most floor coverings into adhesive within working time, correctly position it and press down firmly to ensure good overall contact.
5. Roll carpet using the 25-35kg roller shortly after installation in both lengthwise and widthwise directions. During all bonding, it must be controlled that full contact between floor coverings and subfloor is achieved. Roll again in both directions 60 minutes after being laid.
6. Restrict foot traffic for a minimum of 24hours.

Clean up: Wet adhesive can be cleaned up with acetone or mineral spirits. Cured materials can only be removed mechanically.

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1pack x 8kg Artificial Grass Adhesive